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SafeBuild Quarterly Meeting - September 20, 2017

SafeBuild Quarterly Meeting


September 20, 2017

McMenamins Kennedy SchoolMcMenamins Kennedy School - 4 - 6:30pm

Mental Health, Addiction and Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is ranked one of the top nine industries at risk for suicide.

  • Oregon is a top 10 state for suicide
  • The construction industry is #1 for number of employee deaths by suicide
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among men aged 25-54


Mental health has consistently been a topic of interest in every SafeBuild Alliance survey of topics for quarterly meetings.  The stoic, macho, tough guy culture creates barriers to seeking help and acknowledging emotional problems for men and women. Mental health, stress, addiction and suicide impacts workers, families, peers and companies.  Most of us cannot recognize symptoms of addiction, depression, stress, anxiety or impending suicide. And if you could, how would you react if a co-worker was in distress? This presentation will focus on how we can approach mental health, addiction and suicide and will connect attendees with community health professionals and resources to help promote mental health and suicide prevention as part of their overall safety, health and wellness program. Speakers include: David Westbrook, Chief Operating Office for Lines for Life; Andy Cartmill, Senior Program Educator with Washington County Human Health & Services; Patsy Dunn, CFO for Siteworks Design-Build; - Julie True, Crisis Text Line Volunteer, Dan Johnson Skanska/Parker B Johnson Foundation. 

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