Mentoring Program

SafeBuild Alliance Mentoring Program for Certified Contractors

We are excited to introduce the SafeBuild Alliance Mentoring Program for Contractors and MWESB Certified Contractors. The Program is a twelve month collaborative relationship of learning and sharing.
Contractors with a mature safety program will be paired with Certified Contractors to help move the construction industry closer to “Zero Incidents”.

Mentoring activities include:

  • Kick off event
  • Ten (10) - One on one mentoring sessions
  • Completion and improvement of the Construct Secure Assessment for mentee
  • OSHA 10 Hour Class
  • Completion Event

Expectations of Mentees

  • Attend and participate in the kickoff event
  • Meet with your mentor for 10 one on one meetings.  (Others from your company may participate in mentor meeting if it is mutually agreed upon by mentor and mentee)
  • Complete the Construct Secure Assessment
  • Work on improving areas identified in the Construct Secure Profile.
  • Complete the OSHA 10 hour classes (available for up to 2 people per company)
  • Complete action items
  • Attend SafeBuild Alliance Quarterly Meetings

Expectations of Mentors

  • Attend and introduce the key personnel at the kickoff event
  • Provide 10 - one on one mentoring sessions with your mentee that are a blend of technical and culture related information.

Technical Safety

  • Assistance to mentee in completing the Construct Secure Assessment to establish a baseline of safety performance
  • Provide guidance and direction to facilitate improvement in areas identified in Construct Secure Profile
  • Sharing of best practices

Cultural Safety
Engage in discussions with the mentee about:

  • Communication around safety within their firm 
  • Safety goals and visions and how they are communicated
  • How leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety
  • Actions that are taken to embrace the idea that accidents are preventable
  • Getting every employee to champion safety.
  • Sharing of best practices


  • Report quarterly to the SafeBuild Alliance Board what you are working on with your mentee
  • Report monthly progress





Our Vision
Zero incidents through collaboration.

Our Mission
Provide support for and encourage highly collaborative and innovative cultures to achieve incident-free workplaces. More...


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