About Safebuild Alliance

Zero incidents through collaboration.

SafeBuild Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the construction culture and eliminating incidents and injuries on construction jobsites.

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Our Vision


Zero incidents through collaboration.


Our Mission

Provide support for and encourage highly collaborative and innovative cultures to achieve incident-free workplaces.

SafeBuild Alliance is a nonprofit organization with a mission of transforming workplace cultures to achieve incident-free construction projects.

Why Safebuild Alliance


  • Share knowledge
  • Enhance communication among delivery partners
  • Better Together
  • Saving lives is important
  • Great things in an organization are never done by one person. They’re done by a great team of people


  • Support the Construction industry
  • Committed to improving safety culture
  • This Matters
  • Industries best, collaborating
  • Community-strength, safety!


  • Advance safety performance
  • 0 is Possible
  • Protecting our greatest assets
  • Professionals helping Professionals
  • Crowd-sourced safety

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate organizational transformation
  • Be a resource for growth
  • Facilitate increased communication among the construction industry members
  • Create a forum for sharing and networking
  • Influence public policy
  • Reduce program inefficiencies by creating common standards used for all members of the industry
  • Encourage and promote diversity with members and stakeholders
  • Maintain a strong and vibrant organization to sustain the Vision/Mission/Objectives

Our History

The SafeBuild Alliance began in Portland, Oregon in 2006 as a nonprofit organization, a nonprofit organization with a mission of transforming workplace cultures to achieve incident-free construction projects. The group was composed of industry leaders who understood that construction safety is not just the concern of the individual employer, but of the construction industry as a whole. SafeBuild Alliance members represent all sectors of the construction industry including general contractors, subcontractors, owners, public and private entities, design professionals, architects, engineers, construction affiliated organizations and companies, building and construction trade associations, industry vendors and insurers.

A dedicated Board of Directors plans and coordinates the activities of SafeBuild to provide members the following services:

  • Education and Training
  • Networking with others working toward same goals
  • Industry benefits from strength in numbers
  • United voice in matters affecting the industry
  • Recognized affiliation with companies who demonstrate commitment to transforming workplace cultures to achieve incident-free construction projects

Participation in SafeBuild provides members with many unique opportunities to:

  • Learn and share best practices to reduce hazards and risks.
  • Collaborate on industry issues in an environment where common interests are understood.
  • Network with other organizations that are committed to high levels of performance, particularly related to eliminating injuries and incidents.
  • Mentor contractors with evolving safety cultures.
  • Connect with MWESB contractors.

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Participation in SafeBuild Alliance connects construction companies, users of construction services, design professionals, construction affiliated organizations and companies committed to improving safety performance.

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